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Operating as a responsible business has always been a way of life for Eurocommercial, and we are quietly proud of our track record.

Our strategy is straightforward. We make well-considered business decisions with a careful eye to the future.

Our country teams focus on enhancing operational and energy efficiency, local benefits and customer experience at each asset, working in partnership with tenants and local communities.

Sustainability is integrated into the day-to-day running of the business and will continue to be part of how we operate – something that every individual is proud to contribute to.


Informed decisions

The retail sector is rapidly evolving with a confluence of major trends – technology, demographics, urbanisation and the low-carbon economy.

  • We take a long-term view of every business decision, supported by rigorous research incorporating environmental and socio-economic risks and opportunities.
  • The management team meets on a weekly basis to identify issues of emerging relevance, from demographic change, local employment and social expectations to technology advances and enhancements to environmental building standards.
Active asset management

Active asset management

We ensure our centres retain their appeal for retailers and visitors, through regular refurbishment and extension projects.

  • Integral to this process is consideration for the needs of our local communities, including the delivery of important amenities such as green space and transport links.
  • For every project we aim to imrpove the environmental performance of the centre and reduce the running costs, by improving energy and water efficiency, and waste recycling.
  • We prioritise the use of construction and fit-out materials that are locally sourced, recycled and have a low environmental impact.
  • We have BREAAM-In-Use certificates for many of our centres - and are pursuing certification for others.
  • We gather robust baseline energy data from all our assets to ensure we comply with regulations concerning building environmental management, and to reduce service charge costs for our tenants.
  • We are introducing ‘green’ clauses in all new leases in France.
  • We work closely with local police and emergency services to ensure that we have appropriate preparedness procedures in place to protect the safety of our employees and visitors.
Responsible employer

Responsible employer

We have an open and collegiate culture. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our employees and, as a result, benefit from long-standing tenure.

  • We maintain an open and respectful culture. Eurocommercial colleagues are actively encouraged to share ideas for the improvement of the business.
  • The good gender balance within the company adds further strength to the positive internal culture (women 56%; men 44%).
  • We invest in the ongoing learning and skills development of our staff – and in 2016/17 supported an average of three workdays of training, per person.
  • All employees are shareholders of Eurocommercial and partake in the annual bonus scheme.
  • All employees can participate in our comprehensive healthcare schemes.
  • We support our employees in leading healthy lifestyles – including subsidised sports activities, free healthy snacks.
  • Where possible we support the use of public transport, and only lease electric/hybrid company cars.
Transparent reporting

Transparent reporting

Eurocommercial deals fairly and responsibly with all our stakeholders. We adhere to high standards of corporate governance and provide transparent disclosure of our activities through formal reports and communication.

  • As a member of  the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) we have reported in line with the sustainability Best Practices Recommendations (BPRs) for four consecutive years and achieved a Gold rating for our high level of disclosure on environmental reporting.
  • We participate in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey, and significantly improved our score in 2017.
  • Our financial and operational disclosure is among the best in our industry, providing stakeholders with detailed information on how we operate our business.