Share Buyback Programme June – September 2019

With effect from 14 June 2019 Eurocommercial Properties N.V. is repurchasing depositary receipts with a market value up to € 20 million for the purpose of returning capital to its holders of depositary receipts, as first announced in its Press Release of 12 June 2019. The programme will cease on 30 September 2019, or as soon as €20 million has been spent to buy back depositary receipts in the capital of the Company.


In accordance with regulations Eurocommercial Properties N.V. will inform the market about the progress made in the execution of this programme through weekly press releases.


See also the ‘Daily transaction details Repurchase Programme announced 12 June 2019’  below, which is updated weekly during the course of the buyback programme.


Weekly Overview

Share Buyback Programme
Share Buyback Programme